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Technique to use to give an A spot orgasm

The best thing you can give your woman during sexual intercourse is an orgasm. The majority of men don’t know that their partners get to have a climax.

Therefore, it is very important for the man to make sure that their spouse will have at least two on the minimum. There are different styles that you can use to achieve this goal. Here are some techniques that you can apply.

Standing method: This style requires the man to have strong legs. The lady should rest on her belly on the bed while kneeling on the floor and lift one leg and place it on the edge of the bed. Her man should bend his knees a little and penetrate her from that angle.

Double and single shoulder penetration: This technique allows deep penetration. As she lies on her back, let her legs rest on your shoulders and enjoy sex in this position.

For the single shoulder, just lift one of her legs, as you kneel on one leg and penetrate her. This position is definitely one of the best in showing you how to make a woman cum quickly.

Another method you can try is let your partner rest on her back, take a pillow and make her lie on it.

This will elevate her a little. Hold both legs and bend them in a way that they will point to the breast and penetrate.

This method is helpful if you ejaculate early. A simple technique that can also be applied is letting her sit on you. The method can be achieved when lying on the bed of while sited which even you like.

These methods will definitely give your lady lover an A spot orgasm. 

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